Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebrating 4sqDay as a Seattle Tourist

This past weekend was too much fun! I booked my stay at the Inn at the Market (@innatthemarket) for the weekend of April 16 not realizing it was also 4/4^2/2011 aka Foursquare Day (@4sqDay/@4sqSea)!  How perfect was that?!  Because of course I was planning to attend Seattle's 4sqDay celebration at Gordon Biersch! Meant to be!  I arrived at the IATM around 12:30 pm and the gentleman who took my car was super friendly and the ladies at the front desk were so warm and welcoming!  I also showed them my check-in and received a gift!  4sqDay was already off to a great start, plus I unlocked my 4sq 2011 badge for that check-in too! They handed me the keys and I was off to room 711.  I opened the door, walked in, and was blown away! Did I really win a complimentary one night stay here?!  The room was both cozy and spacious.  While checking out the view, I felt like I was in another city seeing 1st Ave through one window and Elliot Bay through another.  The city was alive during this partly sunny day and I loved the energy!  After taking pictures of the room and putting away my bags, I headed over to Pacific Place to meet up with Jen (@JenerationY) for 4sqDay!

4sqDay Seattle was packed with Foursquare users!  I didn't even get a shirt! I was so sad because I really wanted one and was hoping to win one during the raffle.  It was nice to chop it up with some peeps and tweeps but Jen and I left the event early and we gave our raffle ticket to our awesome friend Akvile (@hyph_en).  About half an hour later, she tweets us asking who had ticket #64 and it was me!  Whoo-hoo!  I won a gift certificate to Blue Star Cafe & Pub!  It's definitely always exciting to win!  #allidoiswin

After going around to a few places downtown and with Jen ousting our friend Andy as the Nordstrom Rack mayor, we decided that it was pretty much mandatory to celebrate 4sqDay to the fullest!  So we decided to play tourists in our own city and go to some Seattle hot spots!  It was totally appropriate for the weekend too because we were staying at the Inn that night which is kind of funny because Jen lives literally two blocks away, haha! And so we went around, asked around, and had so much fun venturing through the Emerald City!  Here are some pics!

Rachel the Pig!

Unlocked the "excELLENt fan" badge here! #4sqday

Can you believe I haven't seen that movie yet?!
We did not know there was a carousel at Miners Landing!

This is probably the only time we'd ride it haha!

Feeling curious about our futures at the Ye Old Curiosity Shop!

Infamous Gum Wall

Catching the monorail to Seattle Center!

Nothing was going to stop us from touching the center!

Jumping picture fail but we kind of look like ballerinas lol

Happy 50th Birthday Space Needle!

Didn't know it was that young and I've never been on top of the Space Needle!

Pacific Science Center Arches
Had to take advantage of any picture opp!
Got back to my room and it was set up for bedtime!
The night was still young though, Pintxo's for dinner!

Sunny Sunday! Wish I could've stayed longer.

After a fun weekend of living it up in downtown Seattle as tourists, I must say that it really did feel like we were just visiting!  Seattle had lovely spring weather and Pike Place was very lively that Sunday morning!  After checking out of the Inn, we went to breakfast at Local 360 in Belltown then went to Zumba at Twice Balanced in the U District and then stopped by Ballard's Sunday Farmers Market.  What a feeling good, feeling great kind of weekend!  We love you Seattle and we would definitely want to come back again! ;)


Friday, April 1, 2011

#winning #allidoiswin

Last night I went to Spring Fling Seattle at the Broadway Grill and had a great time! My room is still a mess from cleaning out my closet and sorting through clothes to figure out what I wanted to donate to Seattle Goodwill. It was fun seeing and meeting fellow tweeps of Seattle, and learning about Urbandipity, Wishpot, and Viva La Vida! The venue was cute and the food was delicious and free! I also tried an Effen Cherry Cosmo made with Effen Vodka and it was very tasty as well!

Highlight of the night was #winning! I brought my friend Sherrina to the event and it was her first tweet-up and she and I both won raffle prizes! Hayyy! She won a bottle of Bluewater Organic Vodka, who knew that an organic vodka existed?! I won a complimentary one night stay with one guest at the Inn at the Market and $50 to Pintxo in Belltown! I am stoked about my winnings and need to plan on who to bring and when because it's only valid for the month of April. This is the second time I've won something at a tweet-up, whoo hoo! Jen and I have been to so many and somehow get lucky. *knock knock* I'm glad Sherrina enjoyed her first tweet-up, I need to rally up some more tweeps and bring them to fun events like this one! Thanks to all the sponsors who put this event together!