Monday, April 27, 2009

slacker mondays.

Sundays "Lazy Sundays"
Mondays "Slacker Mondays"
... we'll see what I'll call the other days of the week.

4/20 was a good day! cuz.....
-Trophy's with Mai, Tina, & Jen.. freakin'!
-Red Mango w/ Mai!
4/21- kickboxing class of course
4/22- Burke Museum w/ Mai for Starbucks exhibition. The Dinosaur fossils were pretty cool too, nerdy i know =p
4/24- War Room for Quay's 21st! & taking care of Alana's drunkbutt!
4/25- Lit Laps & SC during the day and then Ibiza's (for Carolyn's 21st!), Cowgirls Inc, & some other places around Pioneer Sq (first time bar hoppin around there) was FUN!! Good times good times.
TODAY: SAM's 21st birthday finally!! & getting my eyebrows threaded!

-midterms last Tues & Fri
-not going to Quay's 21st bday dinner at Wasabi
-some grades
TODAY: studying all day!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Fw: In cougar country (delayed)

[this was supposed to be posted on Saturday but I sent it to the wrong number whoops.!]

I'm at wsu! At the NWfasa conference! We just got done eating breakfast & I thought I should blog while I wait hehe... The trip was pretty long! Let me tell you tho, starting with the ftl's

-Nicole & I were both in the back of the van with colds! Hella blowing our noses! Good thing I put the box in my purse!

-being sick in general. I think I had a fever

-staying at a pretty ghetto hotel where the water has a slight yellow tint & our shower drain is hella slow

-blowing my nose every five min & bring cold

-forgetting my body wash

-getting to wsu safely... I guess it's aight here haha

-old school slow jams & not band songs in the van
-seeing familiar faces & meeting new ppl!

-doing bad on my Italian quiz ugh sluffin at school, I hate it & we're about to be in week 4 & I have 2 midterms, wtf!

Pretty excited for nightlife tonight! & woot Fasa sa sa sa uw!!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

first blog from phone!

This is test! Blogging off my phone!

What's good?

-sunny weather!
-cardio kickboxing class #2 (we had a sub & she worked us!)
-talking about yesterday's game
-watching 13 going 30

What's not so good?
-homework & reading

Heading to wsu tomorrow!

K showertime!


go M's!


what's good tho?
-cloudy weather turned good
-bumpin' into some ppl i haven't seen in a while & getting a chance to catch up w/ Svetlana & later Darcelle
-chatting w/ victor, especially about childhood cereals
-walking around campus w/ Mai & Tina (& hearing her play the piano!) & TREE CLIMBING!
-seeing the homies
-the car ride to pick up Alana & to Chinatown to park for the game & js bein in the car w/ em
-"Blame it"- Jamie Foxx
-MARINERS GAME!! ;D (&buying a hat!)

what sucks tho?
-getting ketchup on my shoes & jeans
-garlic breath LOL
-slackin on school.. tsktsk.. i knw its gonna bite me in the ass... can it js do it now so i can get started on hw!

woke up at 4:05am. kinda w/ a headache... class doesn't start til 1130. hmm... back to bed i guess! :) have a greeatt day!


PS the CW "THE GAME" reached its goal!! 1,001,129 as of 04/15/09 4:45PST yayerr!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it's been a long time...


what's good tho?
today: FINALLY drinkin some STARBUCKS coffee! ;D
going to my first cardio kickboxing class at the IMA! wootwoot!

what's NOT good tho?
bein' tired! ughh. and i had 8 hrs of sleep.
missing The Game (the show) today @ 5. oh well.
reading and doing homework.

overall. spring qtr sucks! lol still not in school mode, and i don't like my classes as much.

here are some pics from the past tho that i js feel like sharing.

new box of FRUITY PEBBLES spilled & wasted :(

my first pizookie! cookies & creme @ BJ's

baking brownies for my Italian class because my phone alarm went off! (class rule: ur phone rings in class, gotta bring brownies the next day) yeahh it wasn't even a text or phone call it was my stupid alarm! & i don't even know why it was set up for that time.

ok time to do hw! that's all folks!
tomorrow.. mariners game! wootwoot! GO M's!


PS! GO ON LOUNGE.CWTV.COM and save the cw show THE GAME!!!! :) they're planning on extending it to an hour long show! don't let them cancel it, it's a great show!