Wednesday, August 5, 2009

when u're bored, make s'mores!


hmm and what else? running around Greenlake twice!
getting off early
going to Palomino's w/ good company and having 2 cranberry mojitos.

Monday, August 3, 2009

organizing my life...

getting overwhelmed (w/ info), anxious, excited excited excited!!!!!
i'm gonna be in a foreign country without my mommy or daddy! dun dundunnn
carmela & i only have each other when we first arrive! (we need to book a hotel!)
got so much planning to do... i need to plan a farewell dinner hehe and i wanna live it up this weekend! cuz my time in seattle is running out cuz my dad is coming on Sunday and i gotta spend time with the fam bam before i leave. so my days are becoming selective.
i also have to figure out things to pack... cuz i am not a light traveler! & things to buy...
i also have to pack up my room here at the apt if we're planning to move upstairs!
so many other things to think about and plan... it's fast approaching.. i can't believe it!!

on the other hand, what was good Sunday/Monday?
seeing Elaine while teaching Bless how to drive in her mom's Scion xD
getting my last HPV shot. this shiiet hurts, like when i move my arm
eating at Applebee's! i haven't ate there in over a year! it was good! & also getting Coldstone's

did a lot of reflecting over the weekend.... now it's time to put thoughts into actions!!

omg it's 2:30 and i'm planning on running Greenlake. AH! GOOD NIGHT!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

On Point

what's good on a sunday afternoon? "we were chillin' in the park, waiting for the sun to go down..." c'mon sing along now (if u know it hehe) last night or should i say early this morning my sister & i were singing karaoke off of youtube! hahah like "best i ever had" "knocks you down" "blame it" hahahaha

Saturday- got an oil change and new plastic covers for the floor of my car... brought the BGF some Wendy's, went to the mall and bought a cute wallet/wristlet! (i blame watching confessions of a shopaholic 2 times for me wanting to shop), went to the PX, church, & Farreli's! then washed my car cuz a clean car makes for a happier melissa :)

what's not good... bug bites on my feet and...
the overwhelming ocean of emotions that tookover me for a good hour yesterday (or should i say a bad hour?). ups & downs.... emo i know but i'm over it now! i haven't felt that way in a while, it sucked, almost depressing, i felt so lost and negative... i wanted to find a solution or answer to every little thing i was thinking. i just wanted to press redo or refresh. i wish there was a "what if" window. a window that i could look through and see what would happened if I had done this, how things would've played out and how things could be different. but that's something you'll just never know.
and then it flipped and I started to think of the good times and the people in my life now. and also what changes i'd like to make. but here was my last thought to everything that emotionally challenged me yesterday is:


today is sunday and hopefully i get to see Elaine.. she's in town for the weekend!


16 more days 16 more days til Italy and one week til my daddy comes home!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Treats


been a long time since i've posted....

hott dam it's hot! imma be sick of ice cream by the end of this week.
some summer treats those pictured above: halo halo (@PistaSaNayon '09), a mud pie from the Ram (2 nights in a row!), Molly Moon's, Ben & Jerry's, & Oreo Pie! what else?! some non-pictured goodies.. SLURPEES!, snow cone!, OTTER POPS!, Strawberry Milkshake from Dick's, the list goes on....

get on it people, survive the heat, eat some cold sweets! =p

that's what's goood!


Monday, April 27, 2009

slacker mondays.

Sundays "Lazy Sundays"
Mondays "Slacker Mondays"
... we'll see what I'll call the other days of the week.

4/20 was a good day! cuz.....
-Trophy's with Mai, Tina, & Jen.. freakin'!
-Red Mango w/ Mai!
4/21- kickboxing class of course
4/22- Burke Museum w/ Mai for Starbucks exhibition. The Dinosaur fossils were pretty cool too, nerdy i know =p
4/24- War Room for Quay's 21st! & taking care of Alana's drunkbutt!
4/25- Lit Laps & SC during the day and then Ibiza's (for Carolyn's 21st!), Cowgirls Inc, & some other places around Pioneer Sq (first time bar hoppin around there) was FUN!! Good times good times.
TODAY: SAM's 21st birthday finally!! & getting my eyebrows threaded!

-midterms last Tues & Fri
-not going to Quay's 21st bday dinner at Wasabi
-some grades
TODAY: studying all day!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Fw: In cougar country (delayed)

[this was supposed to be posted on Saturday but I sent it to the wrong number whoops.!]

I'm at wsu! At the NWfasa conference! We just got done eating breakfast & I thought I should blog while I wait hehe... The trip was pretty long! Let me tell you tho, starting with the ftl's

-Nicole & I were both in the back of the van with colds! Hella blowing our noses! Good thing I put the box in my purse!

-being sick in general. I think I had a fever

-staying at a pretty ghetto hotel where the water has a slight yellow tint & our shower drain is hella slow

-blowing my nose every five min & bring cold

-forgetting my body wash

-getting to wsu safely... I guess it's aight here haha

-old school slow jams & not band songs in the van
-seeing familiar faces & meeting new ppl!

-doing bad on my Italian quiz ugh sluffin at school, I hate it & we're about to be in week 4 & I have 2 midterms, wtf!

Pretty excited for nightlife tonight! & woot Fasa sa sa sa uw!!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

first blog from phone!

This is test! Blogging off my phone!

What's good?

-sunny weather!
-cardio kickboxing class #2 (we had a sub & she worked us!)
-talking about yesterday's game
-watching 13 going 30

What's not so good?
-homework & reading

Heading to wsu tomorrow!

K showertime!


go M's!


what's good tho?
-cloudy weather turned good
-bumpin' into some ppl i haven't seen in a while & getting a chance to catch up w/ Svetlana & later Darcelle
-chatting w/ victor, especially about childhood cereals
-walking around campus w/ Mai & Tina (& hearing her play the piano!) & TREE CLIMBING!
-seeing the homies
-the car ride to pick up Alana & to Chinatown to park for the game & js bein in the car w/ em
-"Blame it"- Jamie Foxx
-MARINERS GAME!! ;D (&buying a hat!)

what sucks tho?
-getting ketchup on my shoes & jeans
-garlic breath LOL
-slackin on school.. tsktsk.. i knw its gonna bite me in the ass... can it js do it now so i can get started on hw!

woke up at 4:05am. kinda w/ a headache... class doesn't start til 1130. hmm... back to bed i guess! :) have a greeatt day!


PS the CW "THE GAME" reached its goal!! 1,001,129 as of 04/15/09 4:45PST yayerr!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it's been a long time...


what's good tho?
today: FINALLY drinkin some STARBUCKS coffee! ;D
going to my first cardio kickboxing class at the IMA! wootwoot!

what's NOT good tho?
bein' tired! ughh. and i had 8 hrs of sleep.
missing The Game (the show) today @ 5. oh well.
reading and doing homework.

overall. spring qtr sucks! lol still not in school mode, and i don't like my classes as much.

here are some pics from the past tho that i js feel like sharing.

new box of FRUITY PEBBLES spilled & wasted :(

my first pizookie! cookies & creme @ BJ's

baking brownies for my Italian class because my phone alarm went off! (class rule: ur phone rings in class, gotta bring brownies the next day) yeahh it wasn't even a text or phone call it was my stupid alarm! & i don't even know why it was set up for that time.

ok time to do hw! that's all folks!
tomorrow.. mariners game! wootwoot! GO M's!


PS! GO ON LOUNGE.CWTV.COM and save the cw show THE GAME!!!! :) they're planning on extending it to an hour long show! don't let them cancel it, it's a great show!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

it's a blurr

so yeah i'm sluffin' cuz we're in week 9 of school.. and all i do is study, eat, sleep... like right now me and my roomies are hella js facebookin' and just talking up a storm avoiding studying....

so overall March 3-6 which was Tues-Fri...
ftw's nothing really sticks out right now umm.. ABDC!
friday night-- goin' out w/ mai & elsie!
3 Olives Cherry Vodka

WATCHMEN...doesn't fit my taste-- too long, too lost, dragged

ftw's- going down to the 253 and the FAB5 reunion!!! which just so happens to be around the same time we reunited last year!
i went down for the KRUNK4 annual dance show at hosted at Mt. Tahoma to watch Kinesis (CH All-stars)
afterwards we went to Farrelli's! the foood was bombbb!
then went to Christina's for a lil game night and late night talk
IT FELT SOOOO GOOD TO BE W/ ELAINE, CHRISTINA, SHANNON, & SARAH AGAIN.! esp. when Fantastic 4 had the night talk! [pic will be posted soon]
-surprising my mom & sister .. i wasn't expecting to go home to Roy that night.. but too tired !
-grocery shopping
-wii time w/ melody

ftl's- my car dying again
stupid Wal-mart (lol the cashier made announcement for help and he made the call for register#24 but he was at register #23 LOL)
losing an hour of sleep
going to odegaard tonight. i don't like that place, it shtanks & it's hott....

let it be known: i'm such a junky when i'm at home. *sigh* time to make major changes.

k time to work? maybe? lol might just go to bed!


Monday, March 2, 2009


slackin!! i'm in such a good mood today for some reason! and it's a monday!! right now i'm at mary-gates comp lab hella head bobbin in my seat to my Tevin Campbell radio station on

k quick updates!

Thursday- ftw- class was cancelled! so i only had Italian wootwoot!
-studying at Panera :)
-finally getting my hair trimmed
-and doin a lil retail therapy

ftl-staying up late like i always do every thursday to finish com374 shiiet.
-realizing that i had to register at 6. I HATE REGISTERING!

-bumping into Mai on the way to class
-me and elsie's lil mini trip walking around Wallingford and going to Trophy's Cupcakes & Molly Moon's homemade ice cream! TOO BAD I CAN'T EAT IT CUZ OF LENT!!!! lol
-Mai coming over to chillllll
-SK's bday dinner @ Rockbottom
-Baltic Room-seeing all the homies! good times :)

-not getting into the two classes that i wanted to get into! UGH! stupid registering... kinda woke up a minute too late tho. 5:51am. tsktsk.
-waiting in line at Ibiza's! omg that sucked!
-being cold!


-getting ready with Alana & Nicole--thanks hair stylists & make up artists! start charging already! (except me of course LOL)
-everyone being all doll'd up!
-going to DelFino's for some delicious pizza for Alan's 20th bday dinner!! :)
-having everyone come over to prefunk!
-FASA FORMAL!! OVERALL: FUN NIGHTTTT!! :) hella felt like a high school dance tho, but it was nice to see everyone all dressed up and gettin down on the dance flo!
-road trip home to dirrty souf w/ nicole!

FTL- getting bleach on my sweats when i was cleaning!! hella spots on 'em,, didn't even realize it!
-breaking a sweat while vaccuuming lol

-eating at Joey's for the first time w/ mia madre e mia sorella
-going to Viet & Lee's poker night
-SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE! def' going on the list of favorite movies
-dino nuggets & flat fortune cookies (thanks viet!)
-road trip back to seattle w/ nicole!

-SAYING BYE TO HIM THE SECOND TIME-- it was a lil sadder this time. cuz it was at home and not at the airport

k time for class!! ughh i already know com374 is aboutta boringg as hayylle!



Thursday, February 26, 2009


FTW FTW FTW! THE LION KING!! aahh it was beyond amazing!! from the beginning to the end, i was cheesin and so impressed! the music, the set, the costumes, the actors/actresses, the lighting, EVERYTHING, was absolutely amazing! this was my FIRST Broadway show. and it was worth every penny! i can't wait to see MORE!!!! love it! GO SEE IT!

what else is good today?
HAPPY ASH WEDNESDAY! went to church at 8am. rockin the ash all day in my classes... oh well!

running into SVETLANA at Ode!! we went to junior high together but then she moved freshman year! hadn't seen her in forever! it just felt sooo good to sit and catch up with her! didn't even know we both went to UW til last year when Sam went stalker status and found her in the student directory cuz one day she thought she saw Svetlana but wasn't sure. lol

Daddy's sinegang! :)

my nap!

COLDNESS & RAIN again. ugh!
fasting lol
ppl staring at the ash on my forehead

k time for bed! hakuna matata!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eve of Lent

i was so blah todayyy.. i just feel so drained now! there's 13 days of school left and then finals week. i'm just ready for the qtr to be over! i felt like my classes today were pointless cuz all we did was watch videos in both of them! anyways...

-catching up with my cousin Angela from SanDiego
-going downstairs to Cam'ron's & Mark's apt. those guys are hilarious!
-getting out of class early
-pan de sal
-actually finished some hw early
-reading both Shannon's & Christina's blogs. i <3 'em!

-the morning walk to school... herra raining!
-straining to keep my eyes opened in both classes
-my throat feeling irritated

Tomorrow's Ash Wednesday... Tomorrow night is when i get to see the Disney Broadway's Lion King! I'm going to church at 8 a.m. which means i have to wake up early, i'm gonna be tired tomorrow. i better rest up so i'll be energized for the show! i also need to figure out what i'm giving up for Lent!

Happy Fat Tuesday Folks!

Coraline 3D

-going to class early and walking around different parts of the campus and bumping into ppl i haven't seen in a while :) always puts a big smile on my face

-Roomies Movie Night! me, alana, haiz, justin, & tony went to watch Coraline in 3D.. my FIRST 3D movie! it was goood, trippy!.. but i wish we were sitting in the middle instead of the side. we hella thought no one would be there cuz it was monday! wrong were we, pretty packed house! so we ere stuck on the side. the movie is creepy! but pretty good... i guess u can expect that from the creators of Nightmare Before Christmas (haven't seen it)

-afterwards.. eating at Stanford's for happy hour! yay for everyone being 21 :) and mm good mac&cheese!

-Italian Midterm.... took me longer than i thought and i was getting the concepts confused!
-Com374---i liked the stuff we were learning about before the midterm. class was SUPER boring today, i was dying of boredom and hunger!
-trying to figure out what classes to take...
-walking home in the rain.. i almost didn't bring my umbrella today! it sucked cuz it was all warm in the morning then it got chilly, BOO!

A funny moment of the day: eating the last piece of justin's coldstone bday cake! it was funny cuz his bday was last wed. and we saved one slice for him from over the weekend and then this afternoon alana & i were debating on eating it or not and we were like "oh he won't care, it's getting hard now anyways.. it's just a slice, at least we saved it for him, he probably doesn't remember" then later before we head to the movies he said somethin like "oh did u guys eat my cake" or "what happened to my bday cake?" and then we couldn't answer cuz we busted out laughing! haha dam, and we thought we could get away with it.. oh well we need to take him to the RAM! so he can get a mudslide, those are!

k time to read.. that's pretty much all i do when i have "down" time. UGH. bookworm status.

later gators _melissa

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday funday?

i should really take the pictures off my phone and post 'em! i just signed up for blogger mobile or whateverr.. so hopefully it works, i'll test it out tomorrow/later! but anyways!

what's good today? Sunday...
FTW- church, kinda.. well i fell asleep lol but i always feel renewed when i go and plus Ash Wednesday is this week, which marks the beginning of Lent! what am i gonna give up?

-VIET VO! he's the homieee... and it's fun sending/receiving pics of random stuff and food! (that's what most of the pics on my phone are of... things i send him)

-stopping by AT&T to visit Lee the BGF!

- i think my parents bought a new TV! hmm wonder what kind?! lol

-cheese bread from the Filipino bakery & banana loaf from Ranch '99 that my mommy so kindly pre-cut for me :) she's the best. lol

FTL- Viet Vo being sick and waking up in a pile of sweat!! eek, feel better!

-working on Italian for 6 hours w/ Carmela... we really need to STOP procrastinating on the workbook! we have a midterm tomorrow, wish us luck!

-all my flashcards getting disorganized cuz i accidentally dropped them! (ugh, they were organized by sections/units too)

-OUR INTERNET NOT WORKING! (i'm on someone else's right now) WTF!

-taking out the trash/recycling... it tipped over on my way out. UGH. GROSS.


Time for bed, g'night!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

FTW's & FTL's

So i haven't updated since Tuesday, i know, sad day(s), i'm slackin!.. this will be a quick lil update of Wed-Sat FTW's & FTL's... it's saturday night about to hit midnight and i'm home in Roy doing Italian hw. wowwowweee. anyways.

-buying a Bad Badtz Maru stainless steel mug & a Hello Kitty rubics cube for $5 altogether
-running outside on a beautiful day with no intended destination, just keep going and going and going.. like the energizer bunny!
-catching up with Elsie!
-eating at Azteca for the first time for Justin's 21st, he was HILARIOUS btw! lol

-com374- SUPER BORING! (well today it was)
-bad food coma.. hella fell asleep and didn't finish reading the book i was supposed to for the next day, TSKTSK!

-going to Forever21 w/ Alana & Mai
-finding out that Mai never reads any blogs but she read mine!! thanks girl!
-ABDC- go Beat Freakz!

FTL: taking forever & staying up til like 2am to do a hw assignment that i didn't even finish, i slept and woke up at like 630am the next day to do it and it only took me a dam hour. ugh i guess i always gotta be under pressure!

-leaving @ 1:30 to head to the dirty souf!
-PANERA w/ Elaine & catching up! yummmmmmyyy! <3 it there!
-running around Ft. Lewis, goin to the gym there. weather was just right!
-coming home to my daddy's cooking!! his pancit was hella delicious!

not being able to go to Colleen's 21st bday dinner @ BJ's

-my sister's bball game! last game, overtime=intense! it was such a fun game! they won 16-14! go mustangs!
-buying tickets for 2 to the LION KING! seeing it on Wed @ 7:30pm, CANNOT WAIT!
-more good food.
-going to the Great Wall Shopping Mall- pretty good Palabok at Manila Grove
-vaccuuming my car! & putting the Hello Kitty license plate frame on
-watching HSM3 (w/o falling asleep like i did when i took my sister & cousin to see it back in Oct)

-eating 23254897 calories
-the mochi ice cream i bought. not a good brand. the mochi was bleh
-reading & doing Italian hw. *sigh*


back to Italian wkbk...

_ciao! Melissa

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fam Bam.

LOL--> i remembered that i made a blogger (the old name back in the day) in 2005! i guess i'm a hypocrite! cuz in one entry i was like "i hate surveys" then like 2 entries later, i fill one out, i was BORED! funny reading the answers and it was interesting looking back at the more serious blogs.

check it out! -->

but anyways... back to what's good.

i honestly don't want to be back in Seattle... i felt like this weekend was a mini vacation and i miss home and being with my family! *sigh* back to reality indeed.

what made my day today?
-grocery shopping
-having my parents & sis come to my apt for the first time (well my mom & sis came when it was EMPTY back in Aug) now that everything is fixed and nice & tidy.

-driving & listening to TAGALOG music on the way to the Seattle Premium Outlet to do some retail therapy! yay! (i love the bag i got from LeSportsac! too bad i can't find a pic online to post!)

-creating my own customized Starbucks card! (my mommy gave me a $40 gift card to starbucks & i went online to register it and saw the ad for customizing ur own card & i went for it! fun!) can't wait to get it in the mail!

it says "my anti-sleep, especially during class!"

-playing "I SPY" at like 1-2 in the morning (stay tuned for more details on that one) ;)

so yeah it's 0445 in the morning... i should force myself to bed now.



Monday, February 16, 2009


this made my day! Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone's. mmm, how i've been longing for it... brownies & ice cream! the founder's facorite is bomb diggity too.. and the strawberry shortcake... man i missed out by not getting a waffle cone.. but it's okay, i ate theirs! haha i'm a fatty.... but anyways the thing that really made my day was the mini Fantastic 4 reunion! it was me, christina & shannon.. we were missing Sarah.. but it just felt soo good to be with them, as always. they're my girls for life and i know we got our friendship on lock. i love it!

what else made my day?!

that hello kitty lipgloss and the mini make up bag i bought too (no image available) from MAC! ughh i hella wanted a balloon too but they couldn't give 'em away cuz they're for display sad day...

what else made my day?!
buying some cute shoes and boots for $64 altogether! HA! yay Macy's! hella discounts, that's w'sup!

what made me hella laugh today?!
during the 2009 NBA All-Star Game they aired a Lebron James commercial when he's singing "time after time"-- youtube that shiiet. lol

okay time for bed :) more fam bam time tomorrow!

i love home!!! and having all of us home! there really is no place like home, i'm not ready to go back to seattle....


ps yesterday what made my day was... (valentine's day) picking my daddy up from the airport & coming home to Roy AND... going to Red Wind Casino & winning some $$! wootwoot!