Monday, August 3, 2009

organizing my life...

getting overwhelmed (w/ info), anxious, excited excited excited!!!!!
i'm gonna be in a foreign country without my mommy or daddy! dun dundunnn
carmela & i only have each other when we first arrive! (we need to book a hotel!)
got so much planning to do... i need to plan a farewell dinner hehe and i wanna live it up this weekend! cuz my time in seattle is running out cuz my dad is coming on Sunday and i gotta spend time with the fam bam before i leave. so my days are becoming selective.
i also have to figure out things to pack... cuz i am not a light traveler! & things to buy...
i also have to pack up my room here at the apt if we're planning to move upstairs!
so many other things to think about and plan... it's fast approaching.. i can't believe it!!

on the other hand, what was good Sunday/Monday?
seeing Elaine while teaching Bless how to drive in her mom's Scion xD
getting my last HPV shot. this shiiet hurts, like when i move my arm
eating at Applebee's! i haven't ate there in over a year! it was good! & also getting Coldstone's

did a lot of reflecting over the weekend.... now it's time to put thoughts into actions!!

omg it's 2:30 and i'm planning on running Greenlake. AH! GOOD NIGHT!


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