Monday, January 10, 2011

Seahawk Playoff Game!

The Seahawks vs Saints game was the most epic football game I've been to!  (Not gonna lie, it beats the Holiday Bowl game by a hair!)  Jen, Mai, and I were just hanging out then I saw a tweet that said something like "playoff game tickets now available" then in the middle of girl talk I go "do you guys wanna go to the playoff game?" then with a click of a button, we bought tickets to the game!!!  I was super happy that we all decided to go!

It was the most intense and the most fun I've had at a game!  EVERYONE WAS GOING CRAZY! I was jumping so high, I could touch the sky!  The walk from our 300 level seats all the way down after the game was priceless!  So much cheering and high-fives, nothing beats being in Qwest Field that night, NOTHING!  Mai said "I've never felt so united with strangers!" and I couldn't agree more!  Let's just say that the Saints got LYNCH'd!  Everyone Seahawk fan lost their voice that night AND we, the 12th man caused an earthquake! WHO DAT WHO DAT!

(article/vids: Marshawn Lynch's Playoff Clinching Run Registered A Minor Earthquake)

So proud of the Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks!  Let's put the Bears into hibernation!

In case you missed it:



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