Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Road Trip to the Holiday Bowl & NYE

Dec. 28th was my last day at Publicis because the next day Jen, Mai, Ian and I were San Diego bound for the Holiday Bowl!  We also decided to spend New Years in LA!  2010 was such an epic year for me, I was stoked that we were going to end it with a bang because it was the only way to go!  I love San Diego because I lived here for a little bit when I was younger because my dad's side of the family all live here.  I love LA vibe especially Santa Monica, I don't know, there is something about it that I love!

It only took us 18 hours driving nonstop from Seattle to San Diego!  The only bad thing was that I got my first speeding ticket of my life!  UGH!  I had a feeling it was going to happen and it did.  It was about 3 am in the morning and I was going 93 in a 70 (I swear it didn't feel like it though) around Modesto.  I won't find out how much my ticket is until I get it in the mail and my mom is going to kill me!  Biggest suck of 2010! But anyways...

It was so cool walking around San Diego and seeing friends and fellow Huskies in purple and gold!  It was a takeover and we won!!!! Such an awesome game!! Ahh! Bow Down to Washington! Congrats to Coach Sark, Jake Locker, and the rest of the football team!  Well deserved! :)  UW basketball also beat USC and UCLA!  So proud to be a Husky! U-U-U-U-DUB!

Well here are some pics from our 5 day CA trip!

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

Gotta support our Dawgs! UW baby!
Best fro-yo!
LA Live

The Grove

Industry- New Year's Eve
My buried life girls and I had a blast!  Tasha was an awesome host and we were lucky to have her to show us around and to let us crash at her place!  It took us another 18 hours to get back to Seattle!  No speeding ticket this time.  Feels good to be back because there's no place like home!  Happy 2011!  Excited to see what the new year has in store, it can only go up from here! :)


PS Happy 25th Silver Anniversary to my mom and dad! :) I love you both with all my heart and thank God every day for blessing me with super parents like you. <3
Custom made family calendar with pics from our Disney World vacation in Aug. 2010

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