Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bodyguardz iPhone Screen Protector Review

As a finance rep in the wireless industry, you get to be the first to see all the new goodies the store gets to sell!  This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector by BodyGuardz is hands-down the best screen protector I've ever used.  If you're the type that doesn't care for anti-glare/anti-fingerprint screen protectors because you want to use your phone as mirror (is that just me or is at least one other person out there uses their phone for that too?) then this is the one. Okay that might not be the sole reason for this screen protector but if you're looking for something that protects and actually feels like your screen as if you don't have a screen protector on then this is the one!

I've tried $30 Zagg Invisishields plenty of times in the past and they did not work for me because they'd always bubble or peel at the edges because of my case or hot weather.  The cheap $10-15  film-like screen protectors that come with 2-3 a pack did the job for me except that they scratched easily.  What's a girl to do? Go screen protectorless?! I think not.

Thank you BodyGuardz for creating something different.  Like I said earlier, it doesn't even feel like I have a screen protector on my phone, it just feels like the screen!  If there is one thing I didn't like about it, it's the round-raised sticker used for the home button.  It's provided so you can access the home button easier since the screen protector adds extra depth.  I put mine on wrong, so the square in the middle of the circle home button is now a diamond.

$35 for an awesome screen protector!  DO IT.

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