Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it's been a long time...


what's good tho?
today: FINALLY drinkin some STARBUCKS coffee! ;D
going to my first cardio kickboxing class at the IMA! wootwoot!

what's NOT good tho?
bein' tired! ughh. and i had 8 hrs of sleep.
missing The Game (the show) today @ 5. oh well.
reading and doing homework.

overall. spring qtr sucks! lol still not in school mode, and i don't like my classes as much.

here are some pics from the past tho that i js feel like sharing.

new box of FRUITY PEBBLES spilled & wasted :(

my first pizookie! cookies & creme @ BJ's

baking brownies for my Italian class because my phone alarm went off! (class rule: ur phone rings in class, gotta bring brownies the next day) yeahh it wasn't even a text or phone call it was my stupid alarm! & i don't even know why it was set up for that time.

ok time to do hw! that's all folks!
tomorrow.. mariners game! wootwoot! GO M's!


PS! GO ON LOUNGE.CWTV.COM and save the cw show THE GAME!!!! :) they're planning on extending it to an hour long show! don't let them cancel it, it's a great show!

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