Thursday, April 16, 2009

go M's!


what's good tho?
-cloudy weather turned good
-bumpin' into some ppl i haven't seen in a while & getting a chance to catch up w/ Svetlana & later Darcelle
-chatting w/ victor, especially about childhood cereals
-walking around campus w/ Mai & Tina (& hearing her play the piano!) & TREE CLIMBING!
-seeing the homies
-the car ride to pick up Alana & to Chinatown to park for the game & js bein in the car w/ em
-"Blame it"- Jamie Foxx
-MARINERS GAME!! ;D (&buying a hat!)

what sucks tho?
-getting ketchup on my shoes & jeans
-garlic breath LOL
-slackin on school.. tsktsk.. i knw its gonna bite me in the ass... can it js do it now so i can get started on hw!

woke up at 4:05am. kinda w/ a headache... class doesn't start til 1130. hmm... back to bed i guess! :) have a greeatt day!


PS the CW "THE GAME" reached its goal!! 1,001,129 as of 04/15/09 4:45PST yayerr!!

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