Monday, April 20, 2009

Fw: In cougar country (delayed)

[this was supposed to be posted on Saturday but I sent it to the wrong number whoops.!]

I'm at wsu! At the NWfasa conference! We just got done eating breakfast & I thought I should blog while I wait hehe... The trip was pretty long! Let me tell you tho, starting with the ftl's

-Nicole & I were both in the back of the van with colds! Hella blowing our noses! Good thing I put the box in my purse!

-being sick in general. I think I had a fever

-staying at a pretty ghetto hotel where the water has a slight yellow tint & our shower drain is hella slow

-blowing my nose every five min & bring cold

-forgetting my body wash

-getting to wsu safely... I guess it's aight here haha

-old school slow jams & not band songs in the van
-seeing familiar faces & meeting new ppl!

-doing bad on my Italian quiz ugh sluffin at school, I hate it & we're about to be in week 4 & I have 2 midterms, wtf!

Pretty excited for nightlife tonight! & woot Fasa sa sa sa uw!!


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