Monday, December 6, 2010

11 months and 4 days later...

I always get excited about blogging and keep it up for a short time then totally slack on keeping up with it (I'm sure a lot of people can relate). Then I read my old blog posts and crack up because I think I'm so funny. Haha, but I really do enjoy reading past posts and finding my old self and reflecting on what's changed and stayed the same about me.

So it's been 11 months and 4 days since my last post. LOL, almost a freakin' year! I was thinking about restarting it on the date of my last post (Jan. 2) which is in a couple of weeks but why wait? But more importantly, why am I starting this again now? Mostly because I'm taking advantage of this motivation and inspiration that's bottled up waiting to explode like a shaken can of soda NOW (Yes I say "soda" and not "pop")! I don't want to risk the chance of it becoming flat and wasted until I'm shaken again (i.e. until I feel this overflow of motivation and inspiration again). Wow, "A" for effort for my attempt on metaphors! ;) Basically, I have Miss Jess Estrada to thank for helping me to push myself to get back on this thing. Reading back, I'm bummed that I didn't keep up with it throughout 2010 because this year by far rocks overall compared to 2009. I love 2010 (I almost don't want it to end) and it definitely flew and I hope 2011 is even better because I feel like that's the only way it can go! "Up, up, here we go!"

Why you wonder? Plenty of reasons including graduating from UW, traveling to 4 places I've never been to (Cancun, Hawaii, Florida, and LA), concerts galore, and exploring and trying new things (many activities courtesy of the sweet deals on Living Social).

Ok enough of the sap, today's Monday but not just any Monday, it's Purple & Gold Monday! Say what?! Because the UW Husky football team is going to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego after winning Apple Cup on Saturday against WSU! Sorry Cougs but BOW DOWN TO WASHINGTON! Always proud to be a Dawg and this weekend was just too awesome that we had to show off our purple and gold today too.

We're going bowlin'!
Another reason this weekend was super awesome was because Haizel and I went to our first Seahawks game and we won! It was against the South Carolina Panthers and the second half was definitely exciting because we came up to from 3-14 the first half to 31-14 the second. WOOTWOOT!

Haizel & I at our 1st Seahawks game!

Ok this is long enough. There's so much I want to share and post but we'll see how I can manage some 2010 highlights before the year ends along with some current goodies.


WAIT! I just wanted to share an epic moment that every 2010 graduate should be proud of. Here's a pic Haizel caught on the Huskytron of me!
Shaking President Emmert's hand. Momentous.

And also, in case you were wondering about what I'm doing now since I finished college (I know a lot of my past posts included daily rants about lack of sleep, procrastinating, and class boredom). Well, I have a PR internship at a great agency here in Seattle. Looking back at autumn quarter of my senior year I told myself I wanted to intern there after a class visit and with that in mind, I accomplished it! :)

Ok ok, now I'm done!

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