Friday, December 10, 2010

My First Office Holiday Party...

The Best Night You'll Sorta Remember
With an invitation like that, how can you resist?  My fellow interns and I were constantly debating about whether or not we wanted to go to our office party.  We didn't know what to expect!  I even googled about what to expect at an office holiday party.  Nerdy I know but it doesn't hurt to read about what some of the pro's have to say about office party etiquette about what to wear, what to bring, etc.  Our party attire was lodge-cocktail.  That's a pretty big range.  I talked to a lady during lunch and she said she was wearing her retro ski suit and another lady said she was wearing a cocktail dress.  Hm, I decided to go to cocktail!

The holiday party was a good time!  Played some games, chopped it up, and had some drinks while a live band jammed out.  It was nice to see people out of the office and it was nice to see the 60+ other people who worked in our building that I've never seen before.  There was a good mix of lodge-wear and cocktail attire, there was one woman I recognized from the advertising floor who wore a cocktail dress, a fur hat with ear flaps and UGGs.  That was cute, why didn't I think of that?!  We also had a cool moose ice sculpture that poured shots of jager!

In the end, I'm glad that I decided to go because it was funny hearing stories about it at the office the next day without feeling left out for not going. Yay for going!


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