Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fit February: Running Music Track List

I decided to start Fit February for myself because I felt that in the last two or three months I wasn't doing a good job with eating healthy and staying fit.  Around the same time last year, I was the same way so this year I decided to give it a name! A few friends have decided to join me for Fit February and make healthier choices. Yay!

Today the sun graced its presence upon the Emerald City and no other city or state appreciates the sun more than us Washingtonians!  But please believe, when Seattle shines, it shines and we soak it up! Finally, I decided that I'd get my lazy butt up and run to my favorite running destination Gasworks Park.  I would say the run is about
1.5 miles each way from my starting point.  It was so cold but so beautiful out!  The sun and the music I was listening to put me in an even better mood and on a runner's high.  As I ran,  I thought I want to share these songs on my blog for feel good running music!

So here it is...
Melissa's top 3 running track song list:
Who's that Chick- David Guetta ft. Rihanna
We'll Be Alright -Travie McCoy
Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco

These were on my recent play list along with 6 other songs but I skipped every song except those!

Sun + good music = awesome run and awesome mood! :)

The photos in this post were Instagram'd while I took a breather!


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