Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fit February: Sassy Fit

Today I went to my fourth Sassy Fit methods class* (formally known as boot camp).  I've also attended one boolates** session and each class has left me sore, but the good kind of sore of course!  Burns so good! I'm always introduced to a different kind of exercise especially when using the bands and I take notes so I can do them at home!  It's a fun work-out environment: the music is great (at the beginning she played "Who's that Chick"), the instructors are
energetic, and everyone is into it so it helps you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and get fit! Classes go by quickly because each circuit fits maybe 3-4 different moves before repeating or moving on to the next circuit.  I would recommend trying out a class or keeping an eye out for another offer on Living Social for Sassy Fit (I've bought two) and try it out for yourself!

Hopefully I can keep up Fit February and avoid french fries and chips! Eek!



*Sassy Fit Methods Class Description:
        The Sassy Fit Method is a high-energy, body sculpting class created to accentuate your fabulous female curves. Our philosophy is easy: we wanted a program that would burn the fat while toning at the same time with low weight and high repetitions. The result? The perfect cocktail for a sexy, sassy body. This class slims hips and thighs, tones arms and “sass”, and delivers the flattest abs possible with minimal equipment.

**Sassy Fit Boolates Class Description:
        Boolates, a new workout created and offered exclusively by Sassy Fit in Seattle, combines the non-stop intensity of a boot camp class with the fluid, graceful movements of Pilates. After a warm-up, light band work is incorporated with standing and mat exercises to tone and define your arms, shoulders, legs, and core - without adding bulk. The ballet inspired cardio bursts and continuous flow of exercises focus on lengthening, stretching, and utilizing the breath. This movement creates a dancer’s physique that you can't accomplish from straight cardio or weight training workouts.

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