Thursday, February 26, 2009


FTW FTW FTW! THE LION KING!! aahh it was beyond amazing!! from the beginning to the end, i was cheesin and so impressed! the music, the set, the costumes, the actors/actresses, the lighting, EVERYTHING, was absolutely amazing! this was my FIRST Broadway show. and it was worth every penny! i can't wait to see MORE!!!! love it! GO SEE IT!

what else is good today?
HAPPY ASH WEDNESDAY! went to church at 8am. rockin the ash all day in my classes... oh well!

running into SVETLANA at Ode!! we went to junior high together but then she moved freshman year! hadn't seen her in forever! it just felt sooo good to sit and catch up with her! didn't even know we both went to UW til last year when Sam went stalker status and found her in the student directory cuz one day she thought she saw Svetlana but wasn't sure. lol

Daddy's sinegang! :)

my nap!

COLDNESS & RAIN again. ugh!
fasting lol
ppl staring at the ash on my forehead

k time for bed! hakuna matata!

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