Monday, February 16, 2009


this made my day! Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone's. mmm, how i've been longing for it... brownies & ice cream! the founder's facorite is bomb diggity too.. and the strawberry shortcake... man i missed out by not getting a waffle cone.. but it's okay, i ate theirs! haha i'm a fatty.... but anyways the thing that really made my day was the mini Fantastic 4 reunion! it was me, christina & shannon.. we were missing Sarah.. but it just felt soo good to be with them, as always. they're my girls for life and i know we got our friendship on lock. i love it!

what else made my day?!

that hello kitty lipgloss and the mini make up bag i bought too (no image available) from MAC! ughh i hella wanted a balloon too but they couldn't give 'em away cuz they're for display sad day...

what else made my day?!
buying some cute shoes and boots for $64 altogether! HA! yay Macy's! hella discounts, that's w'sup!

what made me hella laugh today?!
during the 2009 NBA All-Star Game they aired a Lebron James commercial when he's singing "time after time"-- youtube that shiiet. lol

okay time for bed :) more fam bam time tomorrow!

i love home!!! and having all of us home! there really is no place like home, i'm not ready to go back to seattle....


ps yesterday what made my day was... (valentine's day) picking my daddy up from the airport & coming home to Roy AND... going to Red Wind Casino & winning some $$! wootwoot!

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