Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coraline 3D

-going to class early and walking around different parts of the campus and bumping into ppl i haven't seen in a while :) always puts a big smile on my face

-Roomies Movie Night! me, alana, haiz, justin, & tony went to watch Coraline in 3D.. my FIRST 3D movie! it was goood, trippy!.. but i wish we were sitting in the middle instead of the side. we hella thought no one would be there cuz it was monday! wrong were we, pretty packed house! so we ere stuck on the side. the movie is creepy! but pretty good... i guess u can expect that from the creators of Nightmare Before Christmas (haven't seen it)

-afterwards.. eating at Stanford's for happy hour! yay for everyone being 21 :) and mm good mac&cheese!

-Italian Midterm.... took me longer than i thought and i was getting the concepts confused!
-Com374---i liked the stuff we were learning about before the midterm. class was SUPER boring today, i was dying of boredom and hunger!
-trying to figure out what classes to take...
-walking home in the rain.. i almost didn't bring my umbrella today! it sucked cuz it was all warm in the morning then it got chilly, BOO!

A funny moment of the day: eating the last piece of justin's coldstone bday cake! it was funny cuz his bday was last wed. and we saved one slice for him from over the weekend and then this afternoon alana & i were debating on eating it or not and we were like "oh he won't care, it's getting hard now anyways.. it's just a slice, at least we saved it for him, he probably doesn't remember" then later before we head to the movies he said somethin like "oh did u guys eat my cake" or "what happened to my bday cake?" and then we couldn't answer cuz we busted out laughing! haha dam, and we thought we could get away with it.. oh well we need to take him to the RAM! so he can get a mudslide, those are bomb.com!

k time to read.. that's pretty much all i do when i have "down" time. UGH. bookworm status.

later gators _melissa

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