Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fam Bam.

LOL--> i remembered that i made a blogger (the old name back in the day) in 2005! i guess i'm a hypocrite! cuz in one entry i was like "i hate surveys" then like 2 entries later, i fill one out, i was BORED! funny reading the answers and it was interesting looking back at the more serious blogs.

check it out! --> http://melissasfreakinblogs.blogspot.com/

but anyways... back to what's good.

i honestly don't want to be back in Seattle... i felt like this weekend was a mini vacation and i miss home and being with my family! *sigh* back to reality indeed.

what made my day today?
-grocery shopping
-having my parents & sis come to my apt for the first time (well my mom & sis came when it was EMPTY back in Aug) now that everything is fixed and nice & tidy.

-driving & listening to TAGALOG music on the way to the Seattle Premium Outlet to do some retail therapy! yay! (i love the bag i got from LeSportsac! too bad i can't find a pic online to post!)

-creating my own customized Starbucks card! (my mommy gave me a $40 gift card to starbucks & i went online to register it and saw the ad for customizing ur own card & i went for it! fun!) can't wait to get it in the mail!

it says "my anti-sleep, especially during class!"

-playing "I SPY" at like 1-2 in the morning (stay tuned for more details on that one) ;)

so yeah it's 0445 in the morning... i should force myself to bed now.



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