Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eve of Lent

i was so blah todayyy.. i just feel so drained now! there's 13 days of school left and then finals week. i'm just ready for the qtr to be over! i felt like my classes today were pointless cuz all we did was watch videos in both of them! anyways...

-catching up with my cousin Angela from SanDiego
-going downstairs to Cam'ron's & Mark's apt. those guys are hilarious!
-getting out of class early
-pan de sal
-actually finished some hw early
-reading both Shannon's & Christina's blogs. i <3 'em!

-the morning walk to school... herra raining!
-straining to keep my eyes opened in both classes
-my throat feeling irritated

Tomorrow's Ash Wednesday... Tomorrow night is when i get to see the Disney Broadway's Lion King! I'm going to church at 8 a.m. which means i have to wake up early, i'm gonna be tired tomorrow. i better rest up so i'll be energized for the show! i also need to figure out what i'm giving up for Lent!

Happy Fat Tuesday Folks!

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