Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday funday?

i should really take the pictures off my phone and post 'em! i just signed up for blogger mobile or whateverr.. so hopefully it works, i'll test it out tomorrow/later! but anyways!

what's good today? Sunday...
FTW- church, kinda.. well i fell asleep lol but i always feel renewed when i go and plus Ash Wednesday is this week, which marks the beginning of Lent! what am i gonna give up?

-VIET VO! he's the homieee... and it's fun sending/receiving pics of random stuff and food! (that's what most of the pics on my phone are of... things i send him)

-stopping by AT&T to visit Lee the BGF!

- i think my parents bought a new TV! hmm wonder what kind?! lol

-cheese bread from the Filipino bakery & banana loaf from Ranch '99 that my mommy so kindly pre-cut for me :) she's the best. lol

FTL- Viet Vo being sick and waking up in a pile of sweat!! eek, feel better!

-working on Italian for 6 hours w/ Carmela... we really need to STOP procrastinating on the workbook! we have a midterm tomorrow, wish us luck!

-all my flashcards getting disorganized cuz i accidentally dropped them! (ugh, they were organized by sections/units too)

-OUR INTERNET NOT WORKING! (i'm on someone else's right now) WTF!

-taking out the trash/recycling... it tipped over on my way out. UGH. GROSS.


Time for bed, g'night!


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